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General Questions

Can I be a member of more than one site?

Yes, you can have multiple memberships. These can also be at different permission levels, so you could be a member of one site and owner of another. This means with one log-in you can browse, join, edit and purchase items across a range of sites in the Notanant network

Why can't other people see my site?

In Notanant you can set permission levels for the visibility of your site. Check that your site is 'online' first by using Edit Front Page at the home page of your site.

Then check site permissions. To change the visibility to the public go to 'Site Settings', then 'Permissions'. Make sure the public permissions for sites and information centres are set to 'read only' - this allows other people to have access to see your site.

If you only want to allow a select group of people to see your site, you can use a Guest username and password (also in 'Permissions') which can be sent out. When people log-in they will automatically see your site.

Alternatively for a fully private site you can add members, then when members log-in they will automatically see that they have access to your site.

Can I redirect from my own URL?

Yes, we provied a service to redirect to your Notanant site from a bespoke URL address eg

If you don't have your own URL, you can set up a 'unique site name' from your front page. In this way you and others will be able to access your site through

If you want to use your own URL, just send us details of the change you would like to make and whether you currently own the URL you would like to use. If you don't own one but have a few in mind we can check the availability for you.

Contact us at

Do I have to be a member to use Notanant?

No, sites can be browsed by the public without membership. You may need to have membership to see public-restricted areas of a site, or to use Notanant editing components.

Once you have joined one site on Notanant, you can easily join or be invited to join other Notanant sites. Your login and user ID will remain the same. Once logged in, go to 'Your Membership' to see the sites you belong to.

Why do the menus keep changing?

In Notanant the content menus change to reflect the page you are currently on. This enables better navigation through a site and gives a user better visibility of what infomation is available.

Higher menus can be fixed using a variety of different component codes, to allow quick changing. Details of these can be found in the Component Guide.

Can other people edit my site?

This depends on how you have set your permission settings. (please refer to 'permission settings' in the administration help area).

As a default other members and visitors can not edit pages on your site. If you want to enable a person to be have the ability to edit your site you can either set you member permissions to 'delete/modify', or set up an officer type to allocate to members of your choice.

How do I upload a pdf or document to Notanant?

To upload a document to Notanant, such as a .pdf, .xls or .doc, you need to attach the file to an article. The option is given as 'document to upload (if any)'. Simply browse for the file, click open, then submit the article. You can either create a new article or add the file to an existing article. The file will then be listed in the article as 'Documents to download'.

Image resizing

Everytime you resize an image a new image code is created. In the libary there will be the old size image and also the new size image. So for the resize to take effect on your site, you will need to update any image codes used.

Automatic log out

After thirty minutes of inactivity the system will automatically log you out, this is a standard security feature web browsers have in place.

One way to avoid this any where that you are entering a volume of text in a webform is to use Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all the text before clicking on the submit button in case the connection drops. This then saves the information and can be pasted back in if needed.

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