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Quick Introduction

A brief tour of some of Notanant's unique features...

Notanant websites are extremely flexible and highly linkable. At first site, you may not appreciate the number of features available or just what you can do. Your first step should be to log in, and if you are logged in, click on the Notanant "Emerging Butterfly" logo in the top right of the window. From here you can access tools to edit and add to your website.

We make all types of sites easy to build by providing all sites community tools if you want to use them or not. This is an introduction to how the Notanant system works, its recommended that you have a quick read through before getting started on the system


Notanant is an amazingly powerful website system that makes it extremely easy to build websites with a huge range of facilities - from having members, to calendars, to ecommerce. Notanant is based around the idea of an online community of websites, designed to help with all your internet needs. The Notanant network is made up of groups, businessess and personal sites. Each site on Notanant can have it's own members and it's own look and feel. The structure and placing of the content can also be different.

Some basic Notanant principles
  • Sites are fully customisable, editable and totally flexible - see the menubar at the top of the page
  • You can turn features on or off with just a few clicks and new features are continually being added - watch the news releases.
  • The site designs are fully flexible - all the menus and objects can be moved around easily and templates changed without affecting content
  • Sites have membership at their core. Owners and administrators are members of sites, members are members of sites. Sites can be members of other sites
  • You can be a member of Notanant whether you own a site or not.
  • If you are a member of several sites, you only need one log-in - membership can go across different sites.
  • The menus change in each site depending on your membership and where you are in the site and what you are allowed to see
  • Members can communicate and link up with other members through the sites, or through other members
  • Absolutely no technical knowledge needed!
Key features
  • Easy on-line editing of content and structure - click to edit
  • Instant change template system
  • Internal messaging system for members
  • Cross site membership and password
  • Object based for easy customisation
  • Add and resize pictures
  • Upload music and videos
  • Control over who sees what content
  • Calendar with events and ticketing
  • Allocate individual permissions for members
  • Approval system for article editing
  • Shop and sales options
  • Automatic link creation

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