Log-in help

To get access to sites and pages on Notanant or sites on Notanant you need to log-in by entering your username and password. One log in unlocks all the sites on Notanant that you belong to. The username and password should have been sent to you in an email when you registered, or when someone invited you to join his or her site on Notanant.

Please note that your username and password are case sensitive. That means that upper and lower case matter. So \'jeb\' is not the same as JEB.

If you have a password and username, but get the message 'Not activated' you need to follow the activation instructions in the email you should have received. Activation is necessary to reduce the number of fake members by ensuring that you have a valid email address. If you have not received an activation email, a new one will be sent automatically to your email address. Follow the instructions to go live.

If you have been invited to join more than one site you can set up a single log-in, or use what we call \'identities\' to manage different on-line persona (eg home and work).

If you have lost your password, you need to get in contact with the owner of the site you are a member of. They can verify your email address and resend your username and password.

If you don\'t have a user name or password at the moment, you can register by clicking on the Register button below. Registering won\'t give you any additional access, but it will enable you to set up your own site after logging in, and you can subscribe to open sites