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Keeping track of page visits

With the site map you can monitor individual page visits or hits. These represent actual visiters to the site, each visit being noted seperately. (logged in administrators are counted once)

To view the site visits:

  • Make sure you are logged into the system
  • Open the dropdown editing bar from the top right corner
  • Select the site map (a button with a compass icon)
  • The pop-up site map should now be visable (you may need to wait a second for it to load fully)
  • The site visits are seen in brackets after each section, you can use the plus buttons to expand the site tree to content areas and articles.

To see individual sections:

  • Follow the instructions to open the site map as above
  • Use the small plus / minus symbols to the left of the icons, these expand the site view to show smaller sections, the visits are in brackets.

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