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Notanant Help - Editing - content area

Content Areas

Adding and removing content areas and content types

Content areas are used to organise information inside a site and to group resources together. Each content area could be a collection of articles, pages, news, gallery, forum or a blog. Generically we call the items in a content area articles.

The opening page of a content area can also contain information and text and you can also add a content area logo to make it easier for visitors to recognise where they are. You can also control access to content areas by saying who can read or write articles in that content area.

By default a content area will display a list of any articles it contains. However, you can change how these article titles and summaries are displayed in the content area, by changing the list type in the topic. For more infomation on the different list types see 'Article list types'.

Images can be added into the main page by using %% codes.

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