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Notanant Help - Editing - content area


Instructions on adding and removing articles

Articles are the generic name for the items contained in content areas and are the lowest page type in the Notanant framework. Articles take different forms depending on the content area. They can be pictures in a gallery, posts in a discussion forum, news items or normal web-pages.

Articles have titles and summaries and main text and can have icons. Summaries can be made to appear in lists depending upon the content area type selected. Images can be added into summaries and into the main page, just like editing a content area.

For advanced users components like newsmenu, gallery, featured articles and updatemenu can be use to provide links to articles around the site to make your site more dynamic.

Adding an article

To add an article first create a content area to contain it. On the content area edit page select how you would like the articles within to be displayed. Then in the link menu choose 'Add new article'. Fill out the areas as desired and click submit. The option to attach a document to the article is given if wished.

Deleting an article

To delete an article, first navigate to the article, then click 'Edit ths article'. This takes you to the edit screen, in the top right corner is the option to delete the article you are viewing. You may be asked for an authorisation password.

Copying an article

Articles can be moved from one content area to another in your site (not across site boundaries) by using the copy button and then, if you have permission, using Paste Article into the content area you wish to paste it into.

Attaching Documents

To upload a PDF to Notanant, or other documents like .xls or .doc, you need to attach the file to an article.

When you create a new article you are given the option to upload a document to Notanant, such as a .pdf, .xls or .doc. Files for download have to be attached to an article, though the article can be empty. The option is given as 'Picture or document to upload'. Simply browse for the file, click open, then submit the article. The file will then be listed in the article as 'Documents to download'.

You can add files to existing articles by chosing 'edit this article' then 'upload a document' from the links menu.

Supported file formats are:

  • .pdf - (Adobe)
  • .doc - (Word)
  • .xls - (Excel)
Ordering articles

If required you can change the order of articles in lists and menus by giving each article a number, 0 being the first. To set an article number, go to edit the article then click on the little plus symbol near the bottom to give you extra options, then set the article item number. This will then need to be done for all the articles in the content area to create a full list order.

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