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Notanant Help - Editing - content area

Copying and pasting

How to copy and paste on Notanant (members and articles)

As a fully browser driven website application Notanant uses a copy and paste metaphor to allow you to restructure and move things around on the fly. At the bottom of each page (near the Notanant logo) you will see a Copy icon. If you have permissions you can use this to link different sites together or to move articles and content areas.

TIP: If you have two browser windows open you can Copy from one and Paste into the other, to speed up multiple Copy and Pastes

Copying members

You can invite people to join your site from other sites that you have access to by 'copying' them and then 'pasting' them into your site. Active members always have to give their permission to join your site and will be sent an email and Notanant message to ask them to approve joining your site

Copying an article

Articles can be moved from one content area to another in your site (not across site boundaries) by viewing the article and using the copy button, then if you have permission, navigate to the content area you would like the article to be in and choose 'add new article' then 'paste article on clipboard'.

Copying a site

Sites can be linked together using the copy and paste command. The copied site becomes a sub-site of the site you are pasting to. This gives you the ability to build complex networks of sites quickly and easily. Following the same method as copying a content area, you copy the site to the clipboard then navigate to a different section and choose 'Subsites' then 'Paste site here'.

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