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Notanant Help - Editing - content area

Editing - First Steps

If your new to editing read this first.

If your completely new to the system try our Quick Start Guide here.

Activate membership:

Before you can start editing your site you need to register and activate your membership. You should have already been sent an activation email, to activate just click on the link and enter in you username and password. Once you are an active member you can login from any computer to edit and update the pages. It is important to remember that only people with the correct access permissions can edit the pages, so you will only see the editing links when you are logged in.

To edit a page:

To edit a page you simply navigate to it then in the links menu (usually at the bottom) there will be an option to edit. On the edit page you can enter in text or image codes. The text editors have a triangle button in their top left corners which you can click to get more options (like bold, colour etc.). There will also be lots of other options on the page but most of these you won't need to bother with initially. Once you have finished making adjustments you click on the submit button at the bottom of the page and the changes will be made.

To add an image:

To add an image you need to go to the home page of the site, then click on 'site settings' (or just 'site resources' on the test system) then 'Images/AV'. This is the image library. You upload and resize images here, then copy an image code onto a page where you want the image to appear.

To upload an image into the system click on 'Browse' then chose the image from your computer. You can then title the image and give a caption if you want to and also select the size you want the image to be. When you click on 'upload image' the picture will then be added to the library. If you don't see it in the list see if it's on another page (bottom right). Next to the images in the library are the image codes (something like %%Image=X123_456_picture.jpg). You highlight and copy these using Control + C on a PC or Apple + C on a Mac, then paste them in the editors when editing a page. To make this easier you can open two browser windows, one for the image library and one for the page you want to edit.

NOTE: If you resize an image a new image code will be created.

Structure and adding pages:

Sites are divided into sections called Content areas which house the separate pages called Articles. If you go to a content area page there will be an option at the bottom to add a new article page. To add a whole new Content area you go to the sites main page then choose 'Content areas', then 'Add new content area'.

NOTE: To delete an article or content area go to edit it then there will be an option to delete.

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