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Notanant enables you to build highly functional web-sites and internet applications in a matter of minutes just with a web-browser.

Notanant is unique in that it is capable of providing a vast range of on-line information services, but with no programming involved. Notanant could just be your website, but it could also be the on-line address book for your local association or club, or it could provide you with the basis of a special interest on-line directory, or it could mimic major site capabilities such as online networking sites, discussion forums, blog sites, or subscription based on-line services such as e-magazines.

The essence of Notanant is in its design and structure. Under the skin, Notanant uses a sophisticated linked-cell model for sites and information, linking members and membership services to access control (including privacy) and content management for each cell, creating a framework that allows for complex site structures to be developed quickly and easily using the site within a site metaphor.

On the site, what you see and the options you have are controlled by who you are and the log-in permissions you have for each part of the site you visit. This gives us the principle of where-you-are-is-what-you-edit, with no need to step into a back-of-system administrator area, this makes it extremely easy to make changes and additions to the site in the places they need to happen.

In terms of software design Notanant uses a fully abstracted 6 layer design with all content and page display in the control of the user, editable from a web-browser.

  • Level 6: Javascript UI overlay
  • Level 5: CSS skin
  • Level 4: Page element control (site layout) controlling position of menus, components etc
  • Level 3: Language layer - for translation of Notanant into multiple languages
  • Level 2: Application layer - PHP scripts (around 250-300) that control site functionality, database access, writing to HTML/WAP/Ajax
  • Level 1: Database content - highly interlinked and abstracted across more than 70 data tables

It runs on using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL (LAMP)

Notanant may just look like another website at the moment, but that is because we want Notanant to look and feel like a website. It is only with more depth that you understand the full capabilities.

Community based websites and communities of sites - what do you mean by that? Here we explain the philosophy behind Notanant and some of the things that Notanant lets you do.
Where Notanant comes from
Notanant is a product that has developed from the understanding of the internet and organisations by, a specialist market intelligence agency based in Bath in the UK.
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