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Jobs and business opportunities

We are constantly looking for sales people and web-entrepreneurs with an eye for an opportunity to help promote Notanant, or use Notanant to create new webservices for businesses.

You can find details of our job vacancies below. Our main UK office is in Bristol in the UK but we can consider options for highly motivated people working from home or other locations.

We are also looking for business-minded people who are interested in developing Notanant franchise and content areas - for instance holiday home directories, dating sites, clubs and associations, specialist retailers, on-line magazines etc. We provide you with an exclusive use arrangement for Notanant and our great technical support and back-up. You get to develop your own on-line business.

For more information contact us directly.

Sales executives

We are looking for keen and ambitious sales professionals to help sell and promote Notanant to small and medium businesses and associations. Use Contact us... on this site to send us your cv or phone 0207 193 6640

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