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Got beyond the basics - here's how to build bigger sites

Quick tips

  • If you have a paid-for site (as opposed to a free advertising site) you can edit the basic page layout adding page components and styles
  • If you have a paid-for site you have a wider variety of template styles, text and component styles to choose from
  • Some layouts allow you to add your own banners - check the layout page and upload your own
  • Find the %% components and add extra widgets, menus and summary links to your page - they are a very powerful way of making your content work automatically
  • Add a private members area by adding a subsite from Site Settings and setting it's permissions to Exclude for non-members
  • You can change content type from one type to another by editing the content area
  • Some places have a [+] option giving you more options to control your content
  • If you want to allow anyone to register on your site use permissions to set Self-New. If you don't, set Self-Exclude
  • You can let members share their own details without the public seeing. For public set Persons to Exclude, for members to Read. Add Communications to New if you want to allow members to communicate with each other via your site.
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