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Bookmarks and Alerts

How to add, delete and set up bookmarks and alerts to help you keep up to date.


To access your bookmarks just choose the 'Your Bookmarks' link from the user menu. If you want to add a bookmark you navigate to the page you want to add then click on the 'Your Bookmarks' link and at the top it will say 'Add Topic: >name here< to your bookmarks', if you click this it will then give you the option to review it and rate it (which can be left blank).


Bookmarking sites works in the same way but with some extra functionality:

You can choose to have the review you write appear on the sites page (like a comment), though this will only work if they have allowed people to do this. To do this click: 'Allow this comment to be shown on the owner's pages?'

If you check the 'Mark as favourite' option the site will be added into your profile for quick access. This will appear in a box just underneath your name and details.

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