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Sites can contain a variety of shops and shop types with or without payments

Quick tips

  • Shop Manager in Site Settings controls your shop, but also check that shoppers can see your show in Permissions (Shop-Read only).
  • Anyone can have a shop that acts as a catalogue or takes orders, but to take payments your shop details need to be verified.
  • Shops can sell and manage downloads and music, including creating demo tracks automatically for the music you wish to sell, and ensuring safe delivery of the product to purchasers
  • Shops can also offer booking types products. At the moment, you need us to set this up for you. You can control 'slots' or sell by the day or week.
  • Sites can also use the shop to sell subscriptions and tickets for events
  • You can add product options to products, and bundle products together. Buyers have the option of buying through a 'configurator'
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