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Component Guide

A list of Notanant's components and their functions

Components are one of the power tools for Notanant. Notanant uses components to allow for site navigation and to show site data. Using %% codes you can place these components in different places on your site template or onto a single page and content appears dynamically in that place when someone is viewing the page - for instance calendar or updatemenu or newsmenu.

Putting a component in the site template layout will keep it displayed on every page within the site, allowing for clear navigation. Alternatively you can add a component to a single page, which will restrict its display to that page.

A - Info menu
B - Calendar
D - Help
C - Org menu
E - History
F - Site views
G - Link
H - Notanant Full
I - Search
J - Notanant Small
K - Content areas


L - News menu
M - Update menu
Other Components
More components not pictured

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